“Senegalese Styles from the Motherland”

Get more BANG for your BUCK in this bonus pack offering your 3x the quantity you would get in a typical pack. Get 45 strands instead of 15 strands and save 15 dollars. 

Originating from West Africa, Afri-Naptural's Senegalese Bundle crochet styles are exclusively hand crafted. Enjoy creating wonders with our soft to the touch, easy to install Senegalese Bundles now available in a 3X Multipack! Get the braiding party started, cause you and your friends will get hooked on Senegalese Bundle 3X Multipack. 

3x Jumbo Senegalese Twists 20"

    • Pre-stretched, pre-feathered, pre-layered
    • Soft human-like texture
    • Finger- friendly
    • No irritation
    • Easy installation & styling
    • Lightweight
    • Crochet styles
    • Hand crafted
    • Thicker 
    • 45 strands