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Say GOODBYE to visible lace grids!

You are going to absolutely love this 2 in1 grid eraser and lace tint solution.  This unique one-of-a-kind exclusive grids eraser and lace tinter means  NO MORE bleaching knots, or attempting to disguise lace grids with foundation, thereby saving you time and effort! Perfect for keeping your wigs flawless in and out of the salon. Perfect Line Grids Eraser is easy to apply, ultra-thin and enriched with essential oils to keep your wig scalp moisturized.

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Perfect Line Lace Grid Eraser

Colour : Tan
    • 15ml per bottle
    • Sweat and water resistant
    • Lace grid eraser and lace tint in one step
    • Comes in 5 shades (Nude, Tan, Mich, Dan and Shadae)
    • Shades can be adjusted to meatch respective scalp undertones using foundation  (follow @jimanibeauty on Instagram or facebook for some demos)
    • Coverage range/estimate - covers the full surface area for a 13x6 lace frontal or 15 scalp line-only or parting applications
    • Only needs reapplication after an intense wash. Gentle cold water washes will not require reapplication
    • Warm the product before use (using a hot water tub or blowdryer)
    • Requires close adherance to application instructions 
    • Instruction card included with each purchase